The Jo Fabro Quintet

"Right from the get go, you're listening intently. Such a welcoming warm full sound, that just snuggles over you like a warm blanket on a cold night. I simply love this new Jazz offering from Sydney Soulstress Jo Fabro. Listen up.... she’s the real deal! "

 Emma Pask: Jazz Vocalist/Recording Artist/Voice Finalist




Jo Fabro has been making her mark on the Australian music scene since 2003. A powerful and dynamic vocalist - Jo lends her voice to jazz, soul and blues music with great tenacity and a unique style which is all her own. 


Raised in Sydney, Jo completed a BMUS in music from The University of NSW & a Masters of Vocal Pedagogy. In 2005 Jo was accepted as a top 10 Finalist in The Vocalist of The Year Competition at Wangaratta Jazz Festival. 


 Jo has performed  in Tokyo- Japan, at The Tauranga Jazz Festival in New Zealand, as well as at many of Australia's top venues and music festivals such as The Manly Jazz Festival, The Darling Harbour Jazz Festival, The Wangaratta Jazz Festival, The Peats Ridge Music Festival, Hugo's Lounge, The Marble Bar, The Basement, Lazybones Lounge, Foundry 616, B.E.D, 505 and The Sound Lounge, as well as completing a national tour for Moonlight Cinemas. 

Jo Released her debut solo album in 2006 to much acclaim. The 2013 release of the debut album from The Jo Fabro Quintet saw Jo step firmly into the spotlight of the Australian Jazz Scene. 


This self-titled release – JFQ, draws on Fabro’s experiences, a combination of tunes written over the past 7 years, as well as songs written specifically for this album. JFQ is firmly rooted in the jazz genre, with hints of soul and blues music, which Fabro sights as an influence in her musical tastes.


The new album feels like a coming of age for Fabro. “I have spent a few years looking for the right combination of musicians and tunes for this band,” says Fabro. “It really feels like everything has come together for this record”. The Band features Australian Jazz Heavyweights Pianist Greg Coffin (Greg Coffin Trio, Kristen Berardi Band), guitarist Aaron Flower (Dunedes, Vince Jones), bassist Brendan Clarke (Bernie McGann Quartet, Mothership Orchestra), and drummer Miles Thomas (Gerard Masters, Pen Island). 


“Fabro’s singing is full of musical brilliance, vivacity and wit. Feeling is high from the first note. When it comes to emotion, Fabro releases it effortlessly.” – John Clare


Following the Launch, The Jo Fabro Quintet completed a tour throughout regional NSW in order to promote the album, and also made appearances at the 2013 Dubbo Jazz Festival, and the 2013 SIMA International Women’s Jazz Festival. In 2012 Jo was named as a SIMA (Sydney Improvised Music Association) Development Artist. 

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Live in 2016


Jo Fabro Quintet - JFQ Live at SIMA (July 5, 2013)

Review by John Clare 



If you scroll back a little through this site you will find a review of the Jo Fabro Quintet (a slightly different personnel to the disc under notice here) performing at the Sound Lounge. It had been suggested to me at the time that I might come along and have a listen and perhaps write something. You will see that I got quite a surprise. I refer you to this because it might save me a little effort since I am about to go in for an operation. In short I urge you to go to the Sound Lounge on July 27 and hear the Jo Fabro Quintet launching JFQ.


Now just a few words. Singer/songwriter Jo Fabro does not turn herself inside out with desperate emotion such as contestants do regularly on certain shows. Her singing is full of musical brilliance, vivacity and wit. Feeling is high from the first note. When it comes to emotion, however, Fabro releases it effortlessly. It zings through her, not in a shrilling soprano but in a kind of ridiculously high breathtaking alto. The air pressure in the room rises. The release on the second track, Lover's Lament, is stupendous. There's also something funny about it. There is a kind of happy self-mocking delirium as if she has surprised herself and is enjoying lofting her voice up there and letting it fly around a bit. Here is a taste of the words (delivered over a kind of clipped stamping tango): I got what I deserved/ for loving you. And Lord knows that it hurt/ when you broke my heart in two. I got what I deseved/ when I met you....etc That line later becomes "when I left you".


These are all Fabro's songs.Before I down tools I should draw your attention to her outstanding songwriting ability. Here are a few samples of her feeling for the sound and meaning of words. When the run of the water is finished/ All that's left is a mark on the ground. When the bells that have finally stopped ringing? Leave silence in place of sound. I am lost/I am found. That's from the song Full Circle. It runs on like that without a false step. These few are from Atmospheres. Watching the world go by/Into the dark night we cry. Out of the wind we blow/Into the dark night we flow.  If I remember rightly, in poetic terms these are called dactyls. The feeling is powerfully mysterious and intense. It's actually just a bit spooky.


One more thing. This is a sensational band, which in itself denotes musicality and taste on the part of the singer/leader. AAron Flower, guitar, Greg Coffin, piano, Brendan Clarke, bass (except for track 7 on which Steve Hunter plays a fine solo and sustains a fantastic slippin' and a slidin' riff under the very funny song) and the very excting young drummer Miles Thomas. A word here about Aaron Flower (inexplicably known as Baz). He dips into many guitar idioms, comes out with something familiar but changed, made fresh. He is always a tonic. His exchanges with Greg Coffin are a highlight.