Jo Fabro


Get ready for a soul blues explosion. Jo Fabro is bringing back the blues, keeping it low down and soulful. This band will have you tapping your toes and getting out of your chair to move your body!!!


Those who have lived and breathed the Sydney music scene will already be familiar with Fabro, especially those ensconced in the blues/soul scene. Her rich and soulful voice has rained down on listeners in venues and festivals across the country for over a decade, during which time she has steadily built a core of dedicated followers. Fabro is indeed striking. At 6”1’ it’s hard not to notice her. It is her voice, however, that is her most striking feature. It is as powerful as Fabro is tall with a stunning capacity for sensitivity and lightness. Fabro is at any moment capable of smacking you in the proverbial mouth with pure, raw emotion and the next minute completely sucking you in with a haunting siren-like quality. You can never be sure where she will take you, only that you’re going to enjoy the journey.


Fabro is backed by the powerful sounds of Adam Pringle (Guitar & Vox), the earthy tones of Jerry Craib (Bass & Vox) and the driving rhythms of James Hauptmann (Drums). 


The band are currently in the studio recording a new album of original music which will be released in 2022.  On this  album, Fabro sings with the confidence of someone saying “this is me, take it or leave it”. It would be easy to peg this album as being a contemporary soul or blues album, when in fact the strength of the song writing means that this album has so much appeal for so many different people. People who like music, people who like heart, people who want to be moved. The title track of the new album, “Don’t Make A liar out of me” draws on all the contemporary Blues sensibility of artists such as Bonnie Raitt and Tedeschey Trucks. With rolling dark tones and lyrics that talk about the moments in a relationship in which you stand your ground and call your partner to take ownership of their role in that relationship. The first single “Parallel to the Tram” is a party anthem with rock/pop roots akin to The Black Keys. The album itself contains moments of beautiful melodic flight (The Looking Glass) and personal reflection (Waterloo). The album as a whole is unified by Fabro’s vocal and storytelling. At the rich of sounding like a cliche, this is an album about life, Loveland relationships, but one told with such honesty and realism that there is no cliche to be found.

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