Below are some videos to introduce you to myself as a teacher, how I teach, what I am passionate about. I regularly post videos to help you get the most out of your voice.


Please note that these videos ARE NOT singing lessons that you can take online!!! But they will help you equip yourself with knowledge, and when it comes to developing your vocal ability.



Video 1: A little video introducing myself as a voice specialist, and my teaching ethos!!

Video 2: How to sort the good information from the bad!

Video 3: Book review. What Every singer need to know about the body!!

Video 4: Managing your voice - teaching/work/life balance

Video 5: Introducing my new studio


Video 6: The Tongue - Pt. 1


Video 7: The Tongue - Pt. 2


Video 8: Owning your own sound


Video 9: The Jaw - Pt. 1


Video 10: The Jaw - Pt. 2